Online Booking

Schedule an Online Appointment 

Online Booking is very easy to use.  No sign up needed.

You may also reschedule or cancel appointments online within 24 hours of your appointment time.  If you require help changing an appointment within the 24 hour prior to your appointment call or text your therapist.

Contact us to be placed on a Cancellation list.



           Kim Johnston RMT (250)804-9427                           Bree Petch RMT (250)813-0734

           Britt Jonat RMT  (604)849-1900                               Cheryl Gray RMT (250)517-8050

 Kim is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Britt is available Tuesday Evenings, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays

Bree is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Cheryl Is available Evenings Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays.

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